Ponto de não retorno


(Point of No Return)

 Elaine Tedesco and Klaus W. Eisenlohr

The exhibition Ponto de Não Retorno (Point of No Return)  start on august, 09, at Museu Universitário de ArteMUnA, in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil. With work in photography, the show presents ongoing projects that these two artists have proceeded in parallel in Germany and Brazil since 2015.

The phrase “point of no return” originated as a technical term in air navigation to refer to the point on a flight at which a plane is no longer capable of returning to the airfield from which it took off. However the title was also inspired by the signs „Retorno“ frequently recurring on Brazilian highways, the title thus reflects on joint travels and the space the two works may create as works of art in the viewers perception and as a metaphor.

Elaine Tedesco presents excerpts from two photographic series of the same period. In Das ações com a câmera (From the actions with the camera) – she works with multiple exposures of images, photographed in Berlin and Porto Alegre, resulting in random fusions between public and domestic spaces. In the other serie –Vanitas in the Garden the process involves printed photographs, which are part of her own collection, and which were previously exhibited, let it in the garden of her house, and from there see them disappear. The images are rephotographed, thus becoming records of the erasure of these images.

Klaus W. Eisenlohr’s Praças do sul do Brasil (Plazas of Southern Brazilian) are an extract of the project that he has been developing in Porto Alegre and other cities of Rio Grande do Sul. The photographs are showing squares and open spaces. The project is a result of his previous works, such as Familiar Spaces, which started in 2000, subsequent to his Master’s degree at The Art Institute of Chicago in the USA. Since then, his focus has been on public spaces, their uses, their problems and the green areas that still resist urbanization. Eisenlohr will present a series of night panoramic photographs taken with negatives and medium format cameras in long exposure time, as well as digital photographs of the same series.

10 – 30.08. 2019

Museu Universitário de Arte – MUnA

Praça Cícero Macedo, 309 – Fundinho

Phone:  55 34 3231-9121


CEP 38.400-216 – Uberlândia – MG, Brazil